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Join the 36th International Forum for Flute & Piano!
19th-28th of July 2024


Testimonials of former Student:

Simone Bodoky -  Van der Velde

Piccolo solo Staatskapelle Berlin

Lecturer Hanns Eisler University Berlin

The Forum International for Flute and Piano in Diekirch was a great experience for me and gave me a big impulse on my way to become a professional fluteplayer.

The Forum is organized by Carlo Jans, a renowned flutist and professor who has been one of my most important mentors. 

What sets this masterclass apart is the opportunity to learn from multiple teachers, including Carlo Jans and other well-known flutists, who provide individual and group lessons, warm-up sessions, and advice on all aspects of flute playing. 

In addition to the lessons, we had the opportunity to attend concerts and listen to the professors, which was very inspiring.

The group of students was mixed at all levels and we all learned from each other by playing and listening in group lessons and sharing tips and advice. The collective energy of the group was truly inspiring, and we all benefited greatly from it.

 Moreover, the masterclass took place in Diekirch, a picturesque town in a beautiful environment, which provided a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere outside of the classes.


I highly recommend this masterclass to any flute player who wishes to improve their skills, learn from experienced flutists and teachers, and connect with other musicians in a supportive and stimulating environment.

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