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This summer class has a different philosophy from most other summer academies.

What to expect if you are attending the Forum?


At the beginning of the 10 days masterclass, an audition is held to adapt the course to the participants.

  • Each student has the opportunity to have lessons with each of the professors.

  • General technical aspects are treated in group lessons.

  • Repertoire pieces are worked, in collaboration with the accompanists, in individual lessons.

  • Chamber Music,  orchestral excerpts will be part of the program.

  • With Ewa Rzetecka, the flutists will have the chance to study baroque flute sonatas and chamber music.



  • Each student will have a daily lesson with Pr. Daniel Blumenthal.

  • The pianist students will also have an introduction lessons to the harpsichord and / organ. 



Each student will have, irrespective of level and age, the opportunity to perform in several students concerts. 


Various conferences about technique, repertoire, instruments, etc

For whom ?

Young professional musicians, music students, students of music - schools, music teachers, amateurs... 

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