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Tilmann Dehnhard

Teacher at the Jazz Institut Berlin (University of the Arts)

TILMANN DEHNHARD performs around the world and gives workshops for Jazz, modern playing techniques and improvisation. He currently teaches at the Jazz Institut Berlin (University of the Arts) and has performed and recorded with many artists including Sam Rivers, Steve Lacey, Evan Parker, Robbie Williams, Cindy Lauper and Till Brönner, while also producing his own CDs. Tilmann Dehnhard composes for the theatre and film. His publications include “The New Flute” (NFA Award Winner 2014) and “Jazz Studies For Flute” (NFA Award Winner 2012), Universal Edition Vienna.


It starts with just a modest clicking, a rhythm or a single, seemingly endless note. There may be whistling sounds, a groove, a wind noise. We listen closer and suddenly the unexpected happens: Where does that second melody come from? Tilmann Dehnhard is the ventriloquist of the flute. He sings and plays at the same time, going for so long without a breath that it makes you dizzy. His improvisations create little universes that tell tales of breath and breathlessness, they take off and make you float. Is this really just one man? Yes, it is. A strange and fascinating one-man orchestra he is, Tilmann Dehnhard and his flute.


Tilmann Dehnhard officially endorses Altus Flutes.

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