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Simon Knopp

Masterclass Manager

Simon Knopp started to study flute at the age of 7 in
Freyming Merlabach (France). He went on to study
flute at the conservatories of Nancy and Mulhouse,
beside his University studies in computer science.
For professional reasons, he moved in 2002 to
Luxembourg, entering also the flute class of Carlo
Jans at Luxembourg Conservatory. Simon Knopp
finished his studies in Luxembourg with a "Diplôme
Supérieur" in 2006 and a "Diplôme de Concert" in
In 2009, Simon was the first prizewinner of the flute
competition organized by the German flute Association, allowing him to perform at the flute
festival in Munich in 2010.
In 2012, Simon got a Master's Degree in Music at the University in Maastricht with Philippe
Benoit. Simon has participated in masterclasses with Jean-Claude Gérard, Gaby Pas van Riet,
Carin Levine, Aldo Baerten and Emily Beynon. Since 2007, has has been a member of Forum
International asbl., organizing with his friend and former teacher Carlo Jans the international
summer masterclasses of Diekirch.
Simon Knopp speaks French, German, Luxembourgish and English.

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