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Peter Verhoyen

Piccolo solo of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra -  Sponsored by Adams Flute Center and Mancke Flutes

Peter Verhoyen - as piccolo solo of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Peter has built up an excellent reputation as a specialist on his instrument. Since 2006 he has developed various concert programs for piccolo and piano
together with pianist Stefan De Schepper. With these projects he demonstrates that the piccolo earns a spot on the concert stage as a recital
instrument. For a contemporary touch, Peter asked several Flemish composers to write new works for his instrument. The next step was the
realization of a series of CDs (Piccolo Tunes, The Birds!, Piccolo Polkas, La Gazza Ladra, Ma Mère l’Oye, Mighty Metamorphoses) in which the piccolo is the central instrument. For his dedication to contemporary Flemish music, Peter
has been awarded the Fuga Trofee from the Union of Belgian composers in 2017. As a piccolo specialist Peter is regularly invited to give masterclasses and piccolo recitals in European conservatories (Paris (CNSMP), London (Royal Academy), Brno, Hannover, Weimar, Tilburg, Milan ...) and flute and piccolo festivals in Europe (BFS Conventions, Adams Flute Festival, International Piccolo Festival) USA (NFA Conventions in New York, Washington, Anaheim, Las Vegas, San Diego, Salt Lake City ...) Columbia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia.
Peter currently teaches piccolo at his private flute studio in Bruges, at the Universität für Musik and darstellende Kunst in Graz. and at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp, where he developed, as the first in Europe, a piccolo master program. This unique piccolo training program has a great international reputation with students of various countries, from Belgium to Australia. Peter’s piccolo master students profile themselves by winning prizes at international piccolo competitions and working in national and international orchestras.

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