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Our history is very much tied to our namesake, Verne Q. Powell. A jeweller by trade, Powell fashioned himself a flute in 1910 from whatever Silver he could get his hands on, including Silver Dollars, watch casings, and spoons. The instruments were immediately recognized as the very best a flutist could play and endorsements flowed in from flutists around the globe. Over the decades, innovation became a hallmark of the Powell company. Started in 1927 the past decades have been marked by innovation, modernization, and a dedication to artistry.





Since its creation by Michel Parmenon in 1979, the Parmenon workshop has been dedicated to producing high-end flutes, the result of a close collaboration between musician and craftsman. Our approach is comparable to stringed instrument makers: we craft our instruments one by one, entirely in our workshop situated in Orléans, France. Each artisan at Parmenon is skilled to work on every step of flute making, from the initial roughs to the final finishing touches, from machining the components to shaping the embouchure hole.

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