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Mancke Flutes is a family business led by Tobias and Christoph Mancke. Christoph began his flute studies in 1965 with Prof. Ludwig Jann, Dortmund. Soon after, his love of music and of the flute led him to construct the instrument itself. In 1986, he produced the first Mancke headjoints.


Tobias started his music studies on the saxophone before switching to the flute. He studies with

Hans-Martin Muller, WDR Radio Symphony Cologne. He is a trained toolmaker and has made tools for (among others) Dana Sheridan, from whom is has received his training in flutemaking.

Since then, he has established his reputation for professional flute repairs and overhauls. He is active as well in head joint construction.



Silver headjoints in sterling silver, with gold riser (9K, 14K, 18K)

Silver headjoints with gold lip plate and riser (9K, 14K, 18K)

Gold head joints in 14K (also with 18 K riser)

Gold head joints in 18K

Platinium head joints

Wooden Headjoints (for all flutes)

Wooden Piccolo headjoints (for all piccolos)



Carlo JANS is playing a Brannen – Cooper Platinum flute with 14k Gold Mechanism and Mancke Platinum headjoint with 14K lip plate.

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