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At Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc., we have made it our mission to build the finest flutes and

headjoints in the world. With decades of professional flute making experience, our flutemakers continue

to honor this mission, our traditions and history by producing exquisite handmade instruments of the

highest caliber that support and inspire flutists across the globe.

Our rich history of flutemaking includes numerous collaborations with world renowned flutemakers such

as Albert Cooper, Johann Brögger, Eva Kingma and Mr. Rainer Lafin.

Albert Cooper, the late British flutemaker, joined Brannen Brothers in 1978 as a partner and Vice

President of Research. He held this position until 1990 and was then named vice-president emeritus until

his death in 2011. He remains a legendary figure in the flute world. His designs and influence are still at

the forefront of our company.

Another pivotal collaboration was our work with Johann Brögger which led to the Brögger Mekanik and

Brögger Acoustic. Our collaboration with Mr. Brögger began in 1984 and the first Brannen flute with the

Brögger Mekanik premiered in 1986.

Our company began work in 1990 with the Dutch flutemaker Eva Kingma with the goal to develop a C

flute that offers a full quartertone scale and multiphonic venting. It was at the 1994 National Flute

Association Convention that Brannen Brothers introduced the first Brannen-Kingma flute.

Our most recent collaboration began in 2008 with Mr. J. Rainer Lafin of Lörrach, Germany. We wanted to

offer a headjoint style unlike the Brannen-Cooper headjoints with different options in both color and

response, so we contracted with Mr. Lafin to make his headjoints in the US. He spent significant time

with us in Woburn to train our headjoint makers to craft Lafin headjoints to his exacting professional

standards, using the identical materials and components that he uses.

Our most important mission of collaborating with flutists is successful when a performance is played

with a Brannen flute that excites the audience. Through our passion for music, musicians and

flutemaking – we strive to bring the beauty and divine sounds of Brannen to everyone!

In March of 2007, Bickford Brannen sold the company to Dennis McGuire, Payson Greene, and Birgitte

Flanders—all Brannen managers at that time. Birgitte Flanders is the Managing Director – Finance and

Administration, Dennis McGuire is the Managing Director – Production and Quality Control, and Payson

Greene is the Managing Director – Engineering and Facilities. Their intent was to continue Brannen

Brothers’ commitment to excellence in flutemaking, which they are proud to have done over the years.

The Brögger Mekanik, our signature pinless mechanism, is the most highly regarded pinless mechanism

on the market today! Flutists immediately notice and appreciate the responsive, smooth action of its

keys. With 35+ years of experience offering the Brögger Mekanik, we continue to develop and perfect

the stability of this mechanism.

We are pleased to offer the following flutes at Brannen Brothers:

● Original Brögger flute: Drawn toneholes - a professional flute offering the flexibility of drawn

toneholes with the our signature pinless Brögger Mekanik

● Original Brögger flute: Soldered toneholes - our most popular flute and the cornerstone of the

Brögger Mekanik flute

● Orchestral Brögger flute - designed by our late Vice-President Emeritus, Albert Cooper, the goal

of this flute is to improve the intonation and response in the third register

We offer an array of options to cater to our incredible flutists that fit each individual player’s needs.

Body Tubing:

● Sterling silver (available in .014, .016 and .018 wall thickness)

● 15%Gold/85%Silver

● Rose gold - 10K, 14K and 19.5K

● Platinum

Each flutist has the opportunity to select a headjoint that best suits their unique needs. We are pleased

to offer three different Brannen-Cooper headjoint cuts - Epoch, Modern and Modified, that provide

various levels of resistance. Additionally, through our exclusive partnership with J.R. Lafin Headjoints,

flutists can elect to have the ever popular Lafin headjoint.

Brannen-Cooper Headjoint

● Epoch *Newest cut* - Most projecting and responsive

● Modern Cooper - Projecting and responsive, offering a wide range of colors

● Modified Cooper - Stable, yet flexible, rich full sound with slightly more resistance

J.R. Lafin Headjoint

“Renowned for their tonal spectrum, response and projection.” There is a single style of the Lafin

Headjoint made with Adler wings. Available in the following tubing options:

● Sterling Silver

● 15%Gold/85%Silver

● Rose Gold - 10K, 14K and 18K

● 22K Yellow Gold

● Platinum

Our flutemakers are committed to crafting instruments that are an extension of the artist thus enabling

them to discover and unlock infinite artistic possibilities. At Brannen, prioritizing the needs of the flutist

is of utmost importance, and with a Brannen flute the possibilities for music mastery are limitless.

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