29th Forum Flute and Piano


In 1988, the Luxemburgish flutist and conductor Carlo Jans established, together with Claude Millim the "International Forum for flute and piano Diekirch". Since 2007, Simon Knopp has assisted Carlo Jans in the organization. This Forum is an international summer class for flutists and pianists coming from all over the world.

Our philosophy

This summer class has a different philosophy from most other summer academies.

In Diekirch, the participants are not subdivided into active and into passive participants. At the beginning of the 10 days' masterclass, an audition is held to adapt the course to the participants. Each student has the opportunity to have a lesson with each of the professors. General technical aspects are treated in group lessons. Repertoire pieces are worked, in collaboration with the two accompanists, in individual lessons.

Always more, from baroque to modern music

Chamber Music, Flute Ensemble, orchestral excerpts will be part of the program.

Each student will have, irrespective of level and age, the opportunity to perform in several students concerts.

Under the leadership of the well-known Polish harpsichord player Ewa Rzetecka, the flutists will have the chance to study baroque flute sonatas and chamber music The pianist students will also have an introduction lessons to the harpsichord and / organ.

Target group

Young professional musicians, music students, students of music - schools, music teachers, amateurs...

What should I prepare?

Prepare 5 works of different periods and styles. sonatas, concertos,for flute solo and for flute and piano.
plus optional:
  • one baroque sonata for flute and harpsichord (lesson of Ewa Rzetceka)

Prepare a repertoire of five works (if possible, include one sonata by L.v.Beethoven)

harpsichord players:
Prepare a repertoire of five works for harpsichord.

Some lessons in 2011

Students in concert in 2011

Former professors

Maxence Larrieu, Janos Balint, Jean-Claude Gérard, Jean-Michel Tanguy, Konrad Hünteler, Eric Kirchhoff, Andrea Lieberknecht, Carin Levine, Marianne Henkel, Gaby Pas-van Riet, Craig Goodman, Abbie de Quant, Patrice Kirchhoff, Marc Grauwels, Michael Faust, Pierre Séchet, Mia Dreese, Petr Pomkla, Vincent Cortvrint, Micheal Heupel, Wally Hase, Natalia Gerakis, Gunhild Ott, Tilmann Dehnhard, Mirjam Nastasi, Wissam Boustany, Salvatore Lombardi , Gudrun Hinze, Philippe Benoit, Antoni Wierzbinski, Anne-Catherine Heinzmann, Matej Zupan, Carlos Bruneel, Kazutaka Shimizu, Robert Aitken,Qiling Chen,Sergej Tikhonov,Alan Weiss, Peter Verhoyen,Carlo Jans (from 1988 on)
Gary Muller, Stépahne Seban, Thomas Duis, Ewa Poblocka, Daniel Blumenthal (from 1990 on)
Béatrice Berstel, Christine Wauters, Ewa Rzetecka
Jürgen Gode
Alain Damien, Marcel Lallemang
Sandrine Cantoreggi, Vaclav Dvorak
Katerina Englichova
Carlo Gruber, Gary Muller, Stéphane Seban, Janis Maleckis, Katrin Reifenrath, Zénon Bialas, Cordula Hacke,Michael Zieschang
by Haruo Uesawa, Jochen Mehnert, François Louis, Karl Ventzke, Raymond Meylan, M.Lüdemann, Filipe Pires, Jindrich Feld, Peter Swinkels, Petra Music,Claudia Wälder-Jene, Ludwig Boehm, Remi Caron
Flute Makers
Mehnert, Yamaha, Mancke-Flutes, Parmenon Flutes, Eloy Flutes...
Yamaha Flutes, Mancke Flutes, Eloy Flutes, Mehnert Flutes, Altus Flutes, Mateki Flutes, Adams European Flute Centre, Listesso, Flöte Haber, Flute Motion, Viento Flute, Parmenon Flutes,Music and Tools
Claude Schultze, John Schlammes, Carine Ries
Alexander technique
Guy Vincent Aknin, G.Krieg
Invited guest soloists
Mirel Iancovici (cello), Henri Foehr (cello), Muriel Pouzenc (cello), Michael Bouvier (violon), Danielle Hennicot (alto), Claude Giampellegrini (cello), Jürgen Gode (bassoon).
Invited orchestras
Orchestre de chambre "Stamitz" (Germany), Orchestre de chambre de Luxembourg "Les Musiciens", Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Former students

Since 1988, over 900 students from 40 different nationalities have attended the Forum. Most of them are now professionals, playing in orchestras or teaching in music schools or conservatories. Already the first students of former participants are applying and securing the continuity of the Forum

Information about previous forums

Flyers, complete prospectus, posters, pictures etc... from the previous forums are available on www.carlojans.com

Artistic Director : Carlo Jans

Masterclass Manager : Simon Knopp